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In the film portrays frenchy, an emotionally lost Ex-GI turned taxi driver somewhere in Southeast Asia, where it crosses paths with Sofia, played by Spanish actress (Claudia Bassols), a mysterious woman whose life mesmerizes him drawing him in a world where you must protect her from an unhealthy relationship with the high class and vicious businessman Suns, (CARSO ADAM), and maybe even herself. With the help of his best friend, Bobby Jackson (JOSEF CANNON) alcoholic paraplegic former military specialist. And I tell ya, it can not be t sound too bad! - - Jean Claude Van Damme fresh off the criticism he has received for J. D, is now directing, writing, producing and protagonists of L AKA eagle PATH FULL OF LOVE. D (where the rest of the world come to see that puppy?), It was seen in the forthcoming The Eagle Trail (AKA Full Love ) - who also directed, written and produced. Jean-Claude Van Damme, fresh off the critically-acclaimed J. C. They embarked on a path together, the eagle that route could free from all self imposed prison are in any. V. V. C.

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